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Private Lives

“A simply brilliant evening in the theatre. Superb. Go and have the time of your life. “

Amanda and Elyot (formerly married to each other) can't live together and they can't live apart. When they discover they are honeymooning  in the same French seaside resort with their new spouses, they not only fall in love all over again - they learn to hate each other all over again too. Abandoning their new spouses, the reunited couple soon realise the same issues that ended their first, turbulent marriage continue to plague them.

Coward's biting wit and absurd irreverence unmask the conventions and social rituals by which people present their "public" selves to the world, revealing the "private" passions and motivations that lie beneath a veneer of etiquette and respectability. It's a dark comedy of manners that remains sharply relevant today in a world filled with tabloid scandals and celebrity journalism.  Regarded as one of this century's greatest comic playewrights, Noel Coward's Private Lives is like a great champagne: bubbly and bright, leaving you intoxicated and laughing with a layered finish.


Michelle Fornasier, James Helm,                            Kirsty Hillhouse, Michael Loney                                 and Rosemarie Lenzo 

Director Marcelle Schmitz
Designer Bryan Woltjen
Costume Designer Steve Nolan
Lighting Designer Andrew Portwine
Sound Designer Ben Collins
Venue Subiaco Arts Centre
Preview Friday 25 November 7.30pm
Opens Saturday 26 November 7.30pm
Season Strictly Limited Season