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About Onward Production

ONWARD PRODUCTION is one of Western Australia’s newest theatre companies. Launched in July 2009, the Company’s aim is to provide opportunities for Australia’s talented theatre artists through the production and presentation of work of the highest quality.

To date, ONWARD has produced four shows, in 2009 the Australian premiere of Stewart Permutt’s Singular Women, and the Australian Premiere of Norman Hudis and Marc Sinden’s Seven Deadly Sins, Four Deadly Sinners. 2010 saw the Western Australian premiere of James Millar & Peter Rutherford’s LOVEBiTES, and Terence Rattigan’s classic The Deep Blue Sea both of which received rave reviews by critics and audience alike.

ONWARD PRODUCTION aims for excellence in performance and all production values, producing theatre that is accessible to a wide audience.

ONWARD PRODUCTION’s Executive Producer, Sally Burton has a commitment to developing a theatre company full of energy and vitality, a company that creates sustainable work opportunities for Australia’s artists.